We love our home. That is why we combine the highest quality regional products with the best recipes from around the world.

Swabian or Mediterranean? Tender prime beef or veggie burger? You have the choice. Enjoy delicacies from international cuisine, the best steaks and burgers from local beef, fresh pasta or a crisp salad.

And we share our stories
enjoy satisfied and delicious
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Our burgers are more than just fast food. We put our passion for good products and creative compositions into our burgers. Veggie or prime beef, hearty or extravagant – there’s something for everyone here.


Lounge bar

For you, pleasure should be the center of your stay with us. Therefore: Enjoy the relaxed and stylish atmosphere in our lounge bar. Here we offer a selection of long drinks and cocktails or anything that your thirst calls for.

Beer garden

under the sun

On balmy summer evenings and when the weather is nice, there is actually no nicer place than the beer garden. Enjoy the conviviality with good beer and bourgeois cuisine: burgers, bratwurst, schnitzel or Zwiebelrostbraten. Here, every connoisseur’s heart swells.

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Many people think that all good stories start with “Once upon a time…”. We believe good stories start here and now. At the Achtender, there is no better time for pure enjoyment than the present moment. Good stories thrive on exciting encounters. That’s why we combine the finest culinary delights with a relaxed, local way of life at the Achtender.

Celebrating is easy. Planning a celebration is already a bit more difficult. We want you to experience moments that you will remember forever. That’s why we make your event possible together according to your ideas: from conferences or corporate events, birthdays or family celebrations to weddings and large…

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Some believe good stories begin with a “Once upon a time…”. We believe good stories start in the here and now. In the eight-ten, the moment is considered the best time for true enjoyment. Good stories live from exciting encounters. That’s why at the Achtender we bring together what constitutes the highest culinary pleasure and a relaxed regional way of life.